Les Saveurs : Private French dining experience

Les Saveurs has always been one of my most-recommended place for French food. Having tried their lunch menus for a few times, I decided to come with friends for their dinner sets. 

The dinner set consists of 3 entrée, 1 soup, main and dessert. We started off with some fresh bread. I had a bit of croissant which was flaky and buttery, irresistible indeed.

The amuse bouche of the day was a cauliflower cream with uni, sakura shrimp and lobster oil. It was so silky and delectible, with so much flavours all in one bite!

First came the poached lobsters, which were chopped in small bites, tossed in a cream sauce and was delicately wrapped with thin slices of avocado. It came with truffle, yoghurt and these cubes of jelly, which was pretty much made of very concentrated shrimp stock which made this dish a true epic.

Fresh applewood smoked salmon - Salmon was cooked to perfection which gave such a smooth, aromatic sensation. The smoked caviar, however, lift it to another level while the apple & horseradish sauce in molecular parcels worked as a subtle kick to the dish. 

The pina-colada version foie gras was nicely prepared, so silky that it dissolve instantly in the month, leaving a nourishing note. It could be more caramelized with the malibu but it worked the same with the sugared pineapple purée. Love the coconut crisps that came on top where it added a bit of crunchiness and highlighted the differences. 

Cream of Watercress soup tasted just like one of those Chinese watercress soup but blended and in a thicker texture. The jamón flake was a nice kick and the geoduck was cooked to perfection - remarkably sweet and tender.

For main, you could either go with pork collar, smoked USDA  rib eye or fish of the day. I had the Sous-vide Iberico Pork Collar which came with braised pork cheek and some purple sweet potato puree. The collar part was scrumptious and rich with the marbled layer of fats in between, while the braised cheek was perfectly tender and flavourful. The potato puree was rather light and foamy, I wouldn't call it a mash but it was just right considered the amount of proteins that has been taken in.

For dessert, it was the Matcha Millifeuille I had before which came together with some quality vanilla icecream. The pastry was nicely flaky but I would prefer more matcha cream and slightly less pastry because it tasted a bit burnt so sort of undermined the matcha.

At the price of HK$788, I would definitely say it is such a bargain to enjoy some of the signature dishes in Les Saveurs, not to mentioned some of the dishes could be derived from the chef's past experience catering in the Michelin-starred restaurant Amber. For dinner, you can also enjoy a room to yourselves even if you are only in a party of 2 and you can guaranteed the food is only prepared when you ordered it (given the pace they serve to be fair, but also how you can see everything from the open kitchen). Together with the stunning view looking out to the harbour and the city skyline, this is for sure a place I will back again and again.

Les Saveurs Private Kitchen
10/F., Universal House, 229-230 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay


COVA: Saturday Lunch

Honestly speaking, patisseries from Cova have never really impressed me given the choices we have in Hong Kong. Perhaps it's really my problem instead as I don't have much of a sweet tooth, so I have decided to give it a go for the savories and the set meals in their Ristorante branch. 

On one of the most typical Saturdays my friend has suggested to go have brunch in Cova. 

They serve the typical Chef's Special Lunch Menu and the seasonal dishes with Live Lobster. Not being a huge fan of lobster, I decided to go for the 2-course with Secondo Piatto set ($338) with the Italian antipasti buffet as the starter.

There has been a great selection of cold cuts, seared tuna, veggies, pâté, anchovies, as well as an Italian sausage and beans stew. 

The waiter has brought us a wide range of breads, starting from some flat breads, focaccia then later on some warm fresh breads. The brown bread with walnuts was my favourite with its crunchy crust and the moist and fluffy interior.

For my main, I picked the Merluzzo All'acqua Pazza - basically pan-fried cod filet. I love the tangy tomato sauce that goes with the cod, but the fish was way too dry and flavorless that I thought I was having a thick cut of dried bacalao that has been over-boiled and has lost all its flavour. 

No doubt that the service here was superb and talking about the food antipasti buffet was not bad. However the fish I had was a great disappointment. Given this price, I believe there would be quite a number of choices available in Causeway.

Shop G011-G012 , World Trade Centre, 280 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay

Santorini Greek Taverna: 小島的風景



先點來一份Fresh Tuna Salad($145)分享。以鮮果醃過的吞拿魚更顯甜美嫩滑,帶點焦香,配以沙拉和芒果醋汁,作為頭盤確是醒胃又可口。

希臘雖崇尚健康,但我們也是衝著邪惡的菜式出發,點來一份Saganaki Cheese($115),即炸芝士!!大大份芝士呈現在眼前,分切時芝士糾纏不清的畫面也是非常吸睛,加上芝士吃起來煙韌又重奶香,教人怎麼不愛它⋯⋯

主菜方面,我們點了一份Fish of the Day和Kleftiko Lamb分享。據說鯛魚要每日從希臘空運到港,管他的,吃起來鮮甜嫩滑帶點焦香就是好魚吧!而羊膝則燉得相當鬆化入味,啖啖番茄蔬菜甜美可口,還不錯的。

最後我們點來一份Greek Yoghurt ($120) 作結,自家製乳酪濃滑且重奶香,雖然價錢不便宜,但的確是水準作。

不知道什麼時候,才有機會看到Santorini 讓人沈醉的風景,但偶爾來這兒吃頓美味的希臘菜,發個白日夢還不錯。

灣仔皇后大道東202號QRE Plaza 5樓

5/F, QRE Plaza, 202 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai