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Hola mayo!

Can't believe is May already, and that it has already been a year since we came out from lockdown! Vaccination in Spain is still utterly slow but hey here we are, sano y salvo (healthy and safe)!  How's everyone doing?  Me? I am doing great as always, overcoming challenges bit by bit but things seems to be a lot more stable than a year ago.  I am still doing my distance part-time marketing master at Imperial, writing a few blogs and marketing articules for the business school. I have also started a new job recently!! I am really glad to have this opportunity because it is related to media advertising which is very relevant to what I am studying in my master, but involves client-facing and some analysis.  Here is my work desk. For the first week I had to rob Adri's work computer's screen but now I have my own one  😝 And the best thing is I am working from home (aka Spain) for this company based in London. So Adri and I work from home. Apart from being the best boyfrie

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